An elegant three-story refuge in the Barcelona countryside

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María José Gómez and Maximiliano Zigart from the decor studio Luzio are responsible for the reform of this three-story villa in a rural area of Barcelona, Spain. The construction dates back to 1983, so the home was still in great condition but required a change to update materials and interior organization Eclectic furnishings against a neural background adds to the beauty of the spaces. The main emphasis of the design project was to give higher priority to the kitchen area, which was located on the ground level adjacent to the living room, in addition to adding a home office space. To achieve this extra space, it needed to be annexed to the kitchen. The master bedroom, located on the uppermost level, was also given a complete overall, with the addition of a dressing room and a fireplace, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The decor was key to the transformation of this residence, where a mix of references were used while seeking harmony in colors and aesthetic by adding pieces that exude personality.

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Furnishings decorated throughout the home includes French antique designs, Chinese and Hindus, in balance with current-made furniture sourced from the designer’s store, Luzio. Layered textures of drapery and upholstered fabrics as well as ethnic rugs helps to create an absolutely cozy atmosphere. The finished result is a family home injected with warmth and comfort… and a space in symbiosis with the surrounding countryside, but adapted to the needs and current lifestyles of its inhabitants. The perfect refuge.

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What We Love: This home is a classic display of comfort and elegance combined to create the perfect family home to enjoy for years to come. The eclectic furnishings adds charm, while preserved architectural details makes this home a successful renovation. What do you think?

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Photos: Courtesy of Luzio

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