Extraordinary Villa l’Escalet with sea views in Saint Tropez

Villa LEscalet-00-Vincent Coste-1 Kindesign

Villa L’Escalet is an incredibly stunning seaside vacation villa designed by French studio Vincent Coste, located in Ramatuelle, near Saint Tropez, France. The villa is perched on a steep terrain with lush forests and crystal clear waters, offering sensational panoramic sea views of the Mediterranean Sea. Located in l’Escalet, this intimate natural oasis is just ten minutes from the famous Pampelonne beaches and St. Tropez nightlife.

If you love this villa, you can stay here as a vacation rental, offering five bedrooms and five bathrooms, sleeping a maximum of 10 people, nightly rates run from $3,878, here.

Villa LEscalet-02-Vincent Coste-1 Kindesign

Villa LEscalet-003-Vincent Coste-1 Kindesign

A composition of independent volumes offset allows a set of frames and perspectives on sight. Each volume works as a flag and making the economy of inland surface circulation. This option to achieve five bedrooms for indoor area of 1,291 square feet (120 square meters).

Villa LEscalet-004-Vincent Coste-1 Kindesign

The infinity pool offers a stillness that mirrors the subtle details of the sky. Step out onto the 180-square-metres terrace with a 40-square-meters infinity pool. Down the steps, a pebble beach awaits and protected pathways let you walk along the sea for miles. Five minutes away, you come to a sandy beach.

Villa LEscalet-05-Vincent Coste-1 Kindesign

his economy of space could also be achieved by integrated design to each room furniture bathroom. A large wooden structure an integral part of the architectural composition provides sunscreen outdoor spaces and helps to create outdoor spaces differentiated. The overlay zones lives is perfectly suited to life in resort offering the potential of a single site.

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The entire wooden structure was particularly studied to meet the requirements of sustainable development.The technical part of the project was dictated by the complex field access on either a steep slope and a willingness to respect the maximum natural character of the site bordering natural area.

Villa LEscalet-008-Vincent Coste-1 Kindesign

Villa LEscalet-009-Vincent Coste-1 Kindesign

The fully equipped, open concept kitchen, offers 180-degree views of the sea, making cooking a pleasure. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open completely flood the kitchen and living room with natural light.

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Photos: ©Christophe Rouffio for le collectionist

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