A Canadian home styled for Christmas with natural elements

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This lovely home was decorated for the holidays with natural elements by decorator and decor store owner Michael Penney, located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. This family home offers a festive flair that is very inviting and warm, welcoming guests for the holidays. The homeowner had spent lots of time in the decorators three stores selecting items to decorate her home. So when it came to decorating for Christmas, she asked the decorator for some help with her holiday scheme. He let the style of her home set the tone and depended on an abundance of greenery to infuse the holiday spirit. Natural materials includes boxwood, seeded eucalyptus, small fir trees, moss, branches and berries, which all helps to highlight the lovely spaces in a subtle yet seasonal way. The decorators task was to unify the homeowner’s desire for minimalistic style with full out Christmas trimmings. To the decorator, the concept of minimal did not necessarily mean sparse, it was more about restraining the amount of elements incorporated into the scheme. By using just a few main colors and materials, you can repeat them throughout for an aesthetic that is full and festive but does not overload the senses.

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The decorator likes to add an unexpected touch into a space as a focal point, such as using accent colors to brighten up a mostly natural scheme. To liven up the traditional palette, Christmas ornaments in cool pale aqua and purple add personality and vivaciousness. The decorators tip to those decorating their homes for Christmas is to not worry about being perfect, otherwise you will have a plain and simple scheme that is not visually appealing. You should “build on personal traditions and highlight what you love.”

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What We Love: All the natural elements infused throughout the home adds a charming holiday spirit that is very fresh and beautiful. Inviting, comfortable and full of character, this is the perfect holiday home to welcome guests and create memories.

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