Charming Swedish apartment with exquisite details

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This attractive apartment spotted on Alvhem features preserved period charm, beautiful original windows and a wrought iron balcony with courtyard views, located in Linnéstaden, Sweden. The design is classic with a bedroom and kitchen offering views out to the courtyard, while the living room and dining room opens out onto the city below. In between, a furnished hall and a charming service entrance are adjacent to the spacious bathroom. The overall floor plan with large windows and brightly painted walls contributes to the airy feel and together with the massive oak parquet flooring creates a stylish impression. Most of the original charm of this 1,054 square foot flat (98 square meters) is preserved in the beautiful ceilings, with fine profiled moldings, sideboards, solid oak flooring, solid cast iron radiators etc. The fireplace in the living room is a jewel in itself, just as the incredibly beautiful original windows. As a result, the fine details showcased in this apartment are all prerequisites for creating a true dream home.

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A stylish and spacious living room is unusually bright and harmonious with plenty of space for several functions. In one corner there is a beautiful, white painted, non-working fireplace. The space features high ceilings and large windows that allows natural light to illuminate the space. The window sills are comprised of stone, wide enough to accommodate both plants and various ornaments, which were preserved from the late 1920’s. The walls are painted in a warm gray-beige tone that contrasts nicely against the dark oak flooring and accentuates all the moldings.

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What We Love: The bright and airy aesthetic and charming preserved details of this apartment makes it a very comfortable and relaxing home for anyone to enjoy inhabiting. The soothing wall colors makes the spaces feel very serene and all of the natural light really opens the home up. Stylish and chic furnishings completes the overall aesthetic… what do you think, do you like this home? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.

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The dining room features a sober brown-beige wall color, slightly darker than the living room, giving the room a restful atmosphere. The window is just as impressive and with the same magnificent view of the city below. Between the living and dining room is a wide opening with beautiful original sliding doors. Along one wall there is room for several closets and a beautiful display case.

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The bedroom offers access to a spacious balcony through nicely paned doors which invites the morning sun into the room. From here, one can gaze out over the unusually large and beautiful green courtyard. The balcony’s size allows plenty of room for seating and plantings.

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