30 Beautiful fall-inspired living room designs

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Invite the colors of fall into your home by infusing your living room with warmth and comfort that will look aesthetically stunning all year round. You can transition your living space towards fall decor by infusing it with more mocha, grey and beige hues, giving it that autumn feeling without losing the beautiful hues of summer. Try changing up your color palette with darker hues, which have an instant impact on the look and feel of a space. A simple way to adjust your color scheme is to add smaller accent pieces. Consider infusing your space with a few new pieces in hues of spicy autumn, such as pale yellow, soft pumpkin orange, green, chocolately brown, plum and deep crimson. Select pillows and throws that are easy to transition between seasons to help “fall it up”. Adding metallics to your design scheme is also a great idea. One idea for a nice pop of color is adding a silver crocodile skin tray (which can be found at places like Z Gallerie and Pier 1) to a chocolate hued ottoman to give a nice pop of shiny color. Fall is on its way, its time to add some simple decorating touches to your living room to make it cozy and welcoming. Have a look through our vast collection to get some ideas of your own. Have you started decorating your home yet for fall? Let us know which one of these spaces most inspires you to get the process started!

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In the past we have featured here on 1 Kindesign several inspiring ways to infuse warmth into your living room, so in case you missed it, have a look: 43 Cozy and warm color schemes for your living room.

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Nothing speaks fall more than a toasty fireplace roaring and plenty of fresh wood decorating your shelves or built-in niches. If you like the look of fresh wood to add some naturalness into your space, try just filling a basket and sit it next to your fireplace or sofa.

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Lovely throughout the year, decorate in shades of pumpkin, rust, and maple red.

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In this stunning living room, the designer infused soft pinks mixed with deep reds and purples, infusing life and color into an otherwise neutral space. This is a great example of how you can add autumn colors to change up the mood in your living room. Try swapping out pillows and throws that are in lightweight summer fabrics for more luxurious and plush velvety ones, rich in harvesty hues.

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Karen from the blog, “The Graphics Fairy” was invited to participate in a Fall Home Tour with BHG a couple of years ago. In her living room she decided to go with more muted tones, adding a touch of flair with some silver accents, such as the large mercury glass pumpkin that is set on her coffee table. The rusty orb in the basket was sourced from Marshalls. The horse print hanging on the wall was also a new addition that comes out for the fall/winter season. Have a look at all the wonderful Fall additions that this crafty homeowner made throughout her home here.

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This space is a bold example of the use of colors that are inspired by autumn, with saffron and scarlet. The striped area rug begins as the foundation for the scheme (another idea where you can do a simple switch of area rugs with the seasons, just roll up and store the one that is not in use). The saffron hued sofa helps to anchor the space, adding a comfortable and soothing aesthetic. A bold hue of scarlet has been paired to complement the sofa, as found in the armchair and ottoman. A basket with a throw is always a nice idea for storage and easy access, to help keep you warm on a chilly night. Adding plants and succulents adds some nature into the space…and what a great idea with decorating a tray with apples, as seen on top of the ottoman.

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