Nordic style home in Marbella that is open to the exterior

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This wonderful home along the Mediterranean was designed by Norwegian decorator Mette Eilen Johansen and artist Jim Allister, located in Marbella, a city in southern Spain. Built in 1962, the new homeowners purchased the property in 2011, with the intent of giving the two story home a facelift. Accustomed to buying and renovating homes, the owners main intent was to infuse the home with natural light and to update the electrical and renew finishes; all without changing the original spirit of the 60s. As an artist, Jim used his knowledge to paint the interiors of the home applying various techniques to develop textured surfaces. This helps spaces to gain depth and character. Mette used her experience to create comfortable living environments in both the interior and exterior. Nordic style furnishings are mixed with recovered pieces to create a beautiful design style. The upholstery and furnishings are dressed in light colors which reflects the natural light and spreads out through every corner of the home. All spaces have glass doors that leads out to the terraces, helping to bring the outside in.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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