Bright and spacious two-level apartment in Stockholm

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Welcome to a bright and spacious two story apartment offering indescribably beautiful views from every room, ideally located in central Stockholm, Sweden. Spotted on Alvhem, this wonderful flat is comprised of 1,119 square feet (104 square meters) of living space, with high ceilings, light finishes and a lovely terrace overlooking the rooftops. Upon entrance into the inviting home, you come right through to the social space, which is on the first level. A spacious open plan living area is intermingled with the kitchen space, creating perfect social interaction between the spaces. The kitchen is very well designed with plenty of storage and functionality. The U space invites several cooks to share the space and guests to kick back, relax and eat! The apartment’s generous natural light becomes quite apparent from a large skylight flooding over the kitchen. Conveniently off the kitchen is the dining room and bathroom. The dining room has french doors that can be closed off from the kitchen when in use. There is also a lovely terrace to enjoy the city and harbor views.

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From this perspective you can see the living room’s generous surfaces that offers plenty of seating space. Throughout the apartment light flows, even during the winter months. The high ceiling really helps to add volume to the interiors. With white washed walls and oak parquet flooring, light is well reflected off the finishes. The room is characterized by charming angles and eyes looking toward the rounded south facing window. From here you look out over the city and harbors. Next to the window is a small breakfast nook to sit down, relax and enjoy the fascinating views!

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Up a white painted staircase to the second level is a private master bedroom retreat of just 25 square meters. An adjoining dressing area completes the space.

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Photos: Alvhem

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