Special touches and design for welcoming guest bedrooms

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When hosting guests, making them feel most welcome is key to their takeaway experience. New approaches to interior design have helped homeowners create cozy environments for their overnight visitors. Here, we discuss a few tips and tricks that will ensure your guests have a pleasant and memorable stay in their home away from home.

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Focus on Color and Lighting

 The focal point of an ambient setting usually lies in the color schemes used to accentuate the room. Pay close attention to using hues that evoke feelings of zen and coziness such as, lavender, for walls and bedding.

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Further, be sure to provide enough lighting, with suitable bedside lamps and ceiling lights as well as, windows for natural day-lighting. It’s important to avoid dark rooms, as they are glum and uninviting for most.

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Location, Location, Location

 Choose the location of the guest room wisely. If you happen to have a waterfront room, one with a great view of nature or, a room that allows for some privacy, away from all the others, it is recommended that you provide your guests with the best your home has to offer in terms of location. This demonstrates a respect for privacy and well-being, which will be highly appreciated.

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Leave a Gift

 If it’s necessary that your guests have a true hotel experience, offer them some of the perks they might find in a typical hotel but with a hint of personality and care. Home-baked goods, seasonal fruit, local treats and, fresh flowers are unique ways of offering your guests that pampered feeling and that added, sweet, touch.

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Accessorize Accordingly

 Guests should feel comfortable enough to be themselves and go about their routines as they usually would. Depending on whether they are reserved types who enjoy meditation or, energetic types who like to have fun and stay entertained, be sure to accessorize the room accordingly. For example, you might want to include yoga mats for regular practitioners of yoga or, you can host a home casino with a portable roulette wheel and table for those that prefer a fun time.

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The Best of Bedding

 Bedding is possibly one of the most important factors to consider when creating a comfortable space for guests. Choose soft materials and offer enough options in terms of duvets, covers and sheets, so that guests can accommodate to their needs accordingly.

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Moreover, if you know your guests well enough, you might even want to use bedding which includes their favourite colors, patterns and fabrics.

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As outlined above, special touches to your guest rooms create friendly and inviting places for your overnight visitors. Experiences are often heightened by subtle details, from lighting to choices in bedding fabric that are often overlooked. Your guests will be sure to appreciate the unique ambience you’ve created, including one which tailors specifically to their needs and personalities.

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