How to create a relaxing bedroom oasis

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Your bedroom should serve as a place to retreat at the end of a long enduring day and relax, but unfortunately for many people, the bedroom simply doesn’t feel like a relaxing space. The more we use our homes for multiple purposes, the more like we, as a society, are to create multipurpose spaces, but experts and doctors both agree that the bedroom should remain a singular-activity room. If you are wondering how to make your bedroom the most relaxing area in your home, follow these five easy tips.

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1. Keep the Colors Light

If you are trying to figure out how to make your bedroom the most relaxing area of your home, changing the color can give you the most extreme results. Experts agree that colors found in nature are most calming, so putting them in your bedroom is an easy way to make the space more relaxing. Light blues, pale greens and warm yellows and pinks all work well to creating a relaxing space. Experts agree that you can add a pop of a bright color in the form of throw pillows or blankets, but the walls and drapery should stay muted. Avoid bright, bold colors like bright yellows , deep reds and orange. These colors can be a bit jarring in large quantities.

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2. Avoid Electronics

Your bedroom should be a place of respite and relaxation. Experts all seem to agree that the bedroom should be a no electronics zone. The theory is connected heavily to psychology. The brain makes connections with spaces. When you bring electronics into the bedroom it quickly becomes a room where you are supposed to get things done, rather then a place to kick back and relax. To ensure your bedroom is a relaxing oasis, avoid bringing laptops, cell phones and televisions into the space.

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3. Scents Can be Relaxing, too

If you are figuring out how to make your bedroom the most relaxing area of your home, making it smell different can be a cheap and easy fix. Certain smells promote relaxation, too. Lavender, rose and vanilla scents have been found to have a calming effect, so do bring those scents into the bedroom space. This can be done In the form of candles, potpourri or plug-in air fresheners. Keeping a small bowl of lavender-scented potpourri next to the bed can actually help you drift off quicker and have better sleeps, according to studies.

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4. Keep the Lighting Dim

When you turn your bedroom into the true oasis you need it to be in your home, you’ll want to ditch bright lightening as well. If you plan to make your bedroom an area that’s sole purpose is relaxation, get rid of bright overhead lightening in favor of small table lamps. The lamps should cast just enough light in the evening for you to relax and recharge before heading to bed. Dimmer switches are also a good option for those who need to alter the lighting in their space.

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5. Bring the Outside In

Potted plants can make your bedroom feel more alive and natural. To get a tranquil, outdoorsy feel, consider adding a few potted plants to the room. The suggestion actually has multiple benefits. Not only do plants help to create a tranquil natural vibe in the space, but they will also help purify the air. When picking potted plants, do make sure you find a plant that best fits the natural lighting of the room.

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Having a relaxing space in your home is certainly important. Following these five simple tips, you’ll be able to quickly turn your bedroom into the calm oasis you’ve been craving. Moreover, a comfortable bed mattress also plays a pivotal role in transforming your bedroom in a relaxing zone.

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