Design inspiration: Not so ordinary rooms

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In the privacy of your home you can allow your imagination and creativity to run wild. From the colors of the walls to the furnishings and gadgets you utilize to fill the spaces, everyone has their own idea of what makes a home. To some it’s stylish, fashionable and hi-tech, whilst to others it’s more traditional, simple and with some key furniture pieces used more for their practicality than for their design qualities.

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However there are some people for whom four walls hold no bounds or limitations. Inside they create their own personal haven which a ton of effort goes into. It looks quirky, unique and above all unlike anything anyone else has thought to do with their bedroom, living room or kitchen. Here are a few examples of just some of those not so ordinary rooms out there:

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Bar Themed Living Room

What better way to save money on going to the bar than by turning your living room into your own private bar area! This awesome room does so perfectly, by blending in the cozy fireplace with your typical bartop area, complete with space for a bartender. Get the homeyness you need from the plush sofas, cushions and mood lighting whilst having the option to sit facing the bar to give you that ‘night out’ feeling. This concept is actually pretty easy to incorporate into your own living room, with the bar counter probably being the most difficult part to implement. You could cut back on the fancy lighting if you find it wouldn’t work within your own living space, but the addition of shelves for your spirits and glasses is a simple task, as is sourcing some mini fridges for the beer and mixers. Think of all the great memories, parties and stories that come from a bar/living room!

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Treehouse Room

This idea is particularly great for children and can be implemented in either a bedroom or play room setting. If your child has a spare room where they play with all their toys, why not turn it into a forest adventure area? The raised wooden walkway above not only provides a great lost boys atmosphere but it also means you have a ton of storage space underneath to store all their toys. Keep them in wooden chests to add to the theme and offer a bit of pirate flavour. The suspended swing is a great idea that you may have used in a doorway when your child was a baby but now can be used in the middle of the room for a tree swing effect. Don’t forget the walls too – they should match the theme. Whether a jungle mural or painted to look like a wood effect; carry on the outdoors-indoors theme with the walls, floor and ceiling.

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Cinema Spare Room

If you have spare space and love films then surely there’s no better thing to do than to turn your unused room into a cinema! From the Paisley print curtains down to the folded red seats complete with cup holders, this room captures the essence of the cinema perfectly – without the ever increasing entry fee! With TVs for home sale becoming bigger and bigger, this is another room idea which isn’t difficult to implement in your own home. Use dimmer switches on your lights for a final cinema touch, and either ensure your TV has an inbuilt DVD player, or hook up to an external device behind a cover to really make yourself and your guests believe you’re in a real cinema. Think of all the great movie nights you can have without leaving the comfort of your own home – just make sure you’ve got the popcorn in!

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These are just a few examples of the great things some people have done with rooms in their own homes. There’s no limit to what you can do with a room as long as you have the vision and motivation. { Image Above – Jacobs House, designed by architect Daniel Liebermann and builder Sandy Jacobs, curated in the book “Handmade Houses” by Richard Olsen. }

Photo Sources: 1. Richard Olsen, 2. Pinterest, 3. Blackbird Interiors, 4. Pinterest, 5. Dillon Works, 6. Richard Olsen

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