Charming and bright Swedish home with connection to nature

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With a closeness to nature offered in this stunning family home, every detail has been carefully thought out, offering creative solutions and exciting architecture in Ljunghusen, Sweden. The residence offers sophistication and luxurious details, with natural lighting throughout.

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The house feels somewhat anonymous as you approach from the street, however as soon as you step inside the entrance door it changes to something spectacular. The house is a solid stone house that has been covered with a horizontal wood paneling to create a soft and comfortable feel. The entrance door is custom built in glass and oak paneling, and one could say that this is the standard set for the rest of the house. You are surrounded by whitewashed stone walls and a sober white pigmented concrete floors, which leads you further into the house.

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You are welcomed immediately into the open seating area. There is plenty of space for entertaining family and friends, The dining room offers a large expanse of glass windows that overlook the garden facing south. An exciting atrium separates the living area from the dining room and creates a stylish environment. The concrete floor becomes a beautiful accent against the white landscape wooden panel that lines some of the walls. The feeling is both modern and rustic at the same time. Cold evenings gives the stove a nice heat and lets you relax to beautiful crackling sounds.

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The kitchen offers an open plan against the social surfaces. A practical kitchen island clad in wood, breaking cleanly against the white interior gives a pleasant impression. It can accommodate two bar stools, perfect for when you want a breakfast time for yourself before you start your day. Exclusive machines from Gaggenau and Miele gives the kitchen a lovely finish. Perhaps most striking is the original pantry with glass door. This creates beautiful storage jars, a work of art in itself and makes it a pleasure to keep order in the pantry.

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In the bedrooms the windows were placed so as to reduce transparency. On the floors, carpet has been added to lend warmth and a comfortable feeling in the rooms. Instead of doors into the walk-in chambers, two of the three bedrooms have heavy drapes, creating a warm and cozy feeling. The master bedroom is located in the second part of the house and also has the same feeling. The impression of everyday luxury is enhanced even further with the spacious closet. You will sleep in a relaxing atmosphere and in the morning you just need to walk a few steps to take a morning dip in the pool.

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The villa has two lovely bathrooms. One is located in the entrance hall and offers bath and sleek and stylish décor from Aspen. The floor is covered with seastone and give a cozy feel. The second bathroom is a bit larger, decorated in tasteful white and stone. There is a shower and two washstands.

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The newly built sauna room is inviting with its warmth on cold evenings and here you can let your eyes rest on the large window facing the garden. Then you go directly into the outdoor lounge and breathe in some fresh forest air.

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This intelligent home showcases many thoughtful features and functions. Throughout the house, even outdoors, are nicely integrated speakers. The technology in the house can easily connect to iPads and phones, which makes it easy and fun to do. The whole house has a lovely heated floor, even in the garage, storage and guest house. There is plenty of storage and in the garden there is a separate storehouse.

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The most apparent with the social part of the house is the simplicity of getting out into nature. By opening up one of the terrace doors you step out to your own little paradise. The large paved terrace runs along the entire garden side, and there are several patios, both for relaxing and socializing. Stylish awnings give shade during the hottest days of the summer and attracts one to take a dip in the sumptuous pool. The whole time you feel nature’s presence when the wind takes hold of the pines that surround the garden. Overlooking the pool there is also a guest house that houses everything you want to offer your guests. Or, you may choose to create an office or an inspiring studio here?

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Every little detail of the house is well thought out and carefully selected. Everything from designer switches to color selection, layout and site-built TV unit. Sit back and allow yourself to enjoy a perfect home, just a few hundred meters from Sweden’s most beautiful sandy beach.

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Photos: Courtesy of Bjurfors

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