32 Cheery and colorful interiors by Colordrunk Designs

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Colordrunk Designs is a life-long dream that came true almost by accident for interior designer Jenna Buck Gross, whose firm is based out of Decatur, Georgia. Though art and design have always been a passion of Jenna’s, she has devoted much of the past several years to raising her two girls and designing and decorating her own home. However; after their family home was featured on the TLC show, Four Houses, Jenna had several people contact her to ask for help with their own homes, and Colordrunk designs was born!

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Jenna really believes that a person’s surroundings affect the way they feel. Her goal with Colordrunk Designs is to insure each and every client feels absolutely comfortable in their home. Whether it’s a whole-house design or just a one room facelift, no job is too big or small. On each project the designer works to create a bespoke design that reflects each client’s individual wants, needs, personality, and budget. After all, good design and a comfortable space shouldn’t be a luxury.

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Jenna brings a unique perspective to interior design. Colordrunk Designs allows her to couple her education and years working in the fashion industry with her lifelong passion for art and design. Further, as a young mother of two, designing for families, particularly those with young children, is a specific focus for Jenna.

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Statement from the designer — Oh, and for those “color-phobes” out there, don’t be shy about contacting me! I will try to cure you of your fear of color, but if I am not successful, I can promise you a beautiful design-in a palette you are comfortable with.

Colordrunk Designs-32-1 Kindesign

Jenna Buck Gross lives in Decatur, Georgia with her husband, Caleb, daughters, Mary Jennings (3) and Lottie (1), her Great Pyrenees, Beau, and her best friend (and pomeranian), Tibi.

Photos: Courtesy of Colordrunk Designs

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Shaena Lee
7 years ago

Can you tell me the names of the floral and stripe fabric used on the kitchen table bench pillows?