Beachaus: LEED Platinum sustainable home in British Columbia

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Beachaus I project is a chic ocean view home designed by InHaus Development as a LEED Platinum sustainable home, located in White Rock’s beach community of British Columbia, Canada. High quality construction with exclusive finishes, this amazing home was designed from the ground up to include the best ultra-efficient energy saving technology on the market.

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Designed by award winning green architect PB Elemental Architecture, this ultra contemporary 2,085+ square foot three bedroom, four bathroom home includes a large separate office/work/studio space and bright open principle spaces. Located less than 200 meters from the beach at Semiahmoo, Beachaus I is the ultimate home for active “smart” living in this vibrant White Rock East Beach community.

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The design goal of this highly contemporary home was to leave a small footprint and to be 100% lit by natural daylight. 12 foot ceilings with wall to wall glass give the illusion of additional space, but made it a challenge when it came to solar heat gain. Integrity’s combination of glazing options and Ultrex pultruded fiberglass helped the home meet the rigorous requirements of LEED Platinum status.

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