Should You Build a Single or a Double Level Home?

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The size and layout of the house you choose to reside in will vary depending on important factors such as your lifestyle and needs and most certainly be dictated by budget as far as most people are concerned. The structural layout of a property is basically down to the skills of the architect but the impact of that design is felt in the home’s interior. The question that many people who are considering building their dream home ask is should you build a single or double level home?

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House design trends have a tendency to change but there are two dominant forms that remain constant throughout the ages and that is the single storey and double storey home.

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Both styles have their respective pros and cons to consider and there are certainly trends developing in the Australian housing market which are not just being influenced by design choices but also by environmental aspects such as the need to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

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Whether you choose to build a single or double storey property, you will still want to consider the environmental impact and maybe incorporate some current trends into your overall design brief such as including natural lighting and a greater sense of connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

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Single storey

When it comes to a single storey design you are more likely to be looking at a sprawling layout plan so that you can fit all your essential requirements into the interior design.

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One of the most obvious drawbacks of creating a single storey property is the amount of land that you will need to accommodate the property you want without compromising on your garden space. The need for a larger plot can very quickly eat into your total budget and there are other important considerations besides the cost of land to consider.

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The cost of building a single storey home could work out more expensive than a double storey as the increased roof size and larger block size will add to your build costs. Natural light is also quite hard to come by in comparison to a double storey property although natural climate control can be more efficient in a single storey property.

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Double storey

What you often get with 2 storey home builders is a relative plethora of interior design aspects and choices that you may otherwise have to forgo or compromise on with a single storey design.

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A good example of this would be the ability to alter interior roof heights by use of double storey voids and installing multi-level windows, allowing the opportunity to draw in a significant amount of natural light and create a strong sense of openness within the property.

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A double storey property will require a smaller land parcel which will help lessen the impact on your overall budget and is particularly relevant in high-density areas where restrictions may apply and where the cost of land to build a single storey property could therefore be cost-prohibitive too.

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Taking up less plot space with a double storey property will give you a larger garden area and whilst ventilation and natural light are generally more efficient in a double storey home, it can be harder to ventilate compared with a single storey one, which brings the possibility of a cooling system into play, which can have an effect on your carbon footprint if it is installed.

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Two storey homes can often have a larger carbon footprint than their single storey counterparts but this can be misleading as it can often be simply down to their overall size rather than a question of their efficiency.

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The decision to build a single or double storey has to be made after weighing up a considerable number of factors and both styles have their respective pros and cons, so choose a good designer to make sure you get the most out of your building plot and get the chance to live in the house you really want.

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The opinions and views expressed in this story are not our own but that of the guest contributor to this post — William Dawson likes to keep on top of housing trends. He also loves to write informative articles to post on a variety of blog sites.

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10 years ago

There are tons of errors in this story. Good design is good design regardless of one or two story homes.

10 years ago
Reply to  jinx

We appreciate your feedback, as we should have pointed out, the opinions and views expressed in this story are not our own but that of the guest contributor to this post.