Inspiring home renovation project with DIY touches in Norway

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This beautiful home renovation project has been carried out by interior stylist Tahani Aiesh, situated in the midst of a steep hill in Ljan, a residential neighborhood of Oslo, Norway. The stylist lives here with her husband and their son in this two story family home purchased in 2012, and proceeded with an extensive renovation and furnishing to their own taste.  After many interior design jobs have executed for clients, Tahani was very eager to finally get her home address. Of course, the whole house became quite beautiful, but her cooking is very unique and special, hence the special attention to detail in the kitchen.

The frame bed in the picture above is from Ikea. Tahani attached curtains using a wire of steel hooks. The side table from Anouska she can use both indoors and out.

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The entrance hall features the entryway door painted with llackboard paint, and next to it a sweet encouragement written with chalk, hanging large pinches of cards from family and friends. On the ceiling hangs a lamp Tahani has made especially for the sloping ceiling in the hallway.

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The open kitchen is located along with the living room on the ground floor. The only distinction between these two areas is the big thick pillar where the stove is connected to it. The round table in the kitchen is actually an old cable drum. They were found on a farm and knew immediately what they could do. The base is smaller than the tabletop, around it are five adorable country chairs, all in different colors. Above the dining table Tahani has hung an industrial pendant.

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Asymmetric kitchen cabinets. The modern kitchen decor comes from IKEA. But that was not enough for the interior decorator. For her, it was important to create a balance, but not symmetry. Tahani had lots of great ideas for this, but the best chose. Above the white sleek modern IKEA kitchen she has a kind of collage, consisting of vintage tables, shelves and racks. All storage options for such glasses, utensils, spices, coffee etc. The wine rack and the cabinet with numbers, Tahani purchased from House Doctor.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-05-1 Kindesign

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This homemade lamp was sewn together, which is easy to customize for a sloping roof.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-07-1 Kindesign

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-08-1 Kindesign

Niches were built for storing wood.

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This vintage chandelier purchased from Country Chic, does not have electric lights, so some were attached to it.

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Tahani  used an old carpenter’s bench as an office table that works for a unique and personal expression. The old school chair emphasizes the rustic style.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-19-1 Kindesign

This unique organizer gives all tools their own pockets so you can quickly see what you need. The solution was purchased at the kitchen department at Ikea.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-20-1 Kindesign

Tahani and her husband made ​​this bed shelf from residual planks from the floor. The budget for the bedroom went up in smoke when Tahani had to have the lights from Bestlite, as she had wanted for a long time.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-21-1 Kindesign

A large mirror creates the illusion of being in a larger room. This massive mirror of old wood is a charming touch in the bedroom and is great to try on clothes in front of.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-22-1 Kindesign

The handles of this dresser were handmade. Tahani used small parts of a belt, simple, decorative and a great idea! She cut the pieces and sanded them with fine sandpaper, then secured with small nails.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-23-1 Kindesign

For Tahani, decor was as much a part of the renovation project as the renovations. Walls were demolished and new ones were set up again. She gathered the furniture she wanted and placed them in the garage. There they stood, waiting to get their very special space when the renovation was completed. “For us, the furniture was just as important as what materials we would use. They constitute the part of the whole”, says Tahani, who selected the furniture for the floor plan.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-24-1 Kindesign

The bathroom has got a rustic touch with old wood as a nice contrast to the clean, white and turquoise tiles.

Norway Home Renovation-Tahani Aiesh-25-1 Kindesign

To create a more spacious family bathroom, the bedroom wardrobe was taken away and the wall was moved.

Photos: Boligpluss

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9 years ago

I am wondering where they got the spice shelf in the kitchen and if it would be available in the USA.

Love your blog!

9 years ago
Reply to  Tammy

Hi Tammy, thanks for the compliment! The spice rack looks like it comes from IKEA. If you look above the picture of the spice rack there is a description of the image and where the products were found.