Creating a country cottage look in your home

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Today we are bringing to you some wonderful ideas on how to create a cozy and welcoming country cottage living room interior in your home. Interior design this season has seen a shunning of all that is modern in favor of the traditional and the classic. The cold metals, sharp shapes and sterile feel of contemporary furniture is one to be avoided, especially in the winter when you want to make your house look and feel as cozy as possible.

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Instead, people have been embracing much more traditional trends. For example, many people are choosing to warm up their house by creating a cozy cottage look. Here’s how to create an authentic look in your living room:

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A lot of the cozy cottage look can be created with the right furniture. A sofa is the main focal point of any living room, so it is vital that you get it right if you are to carry the look off correctly.

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Instead of modern shapes and wild patterns, you should go for a traditional style of sofa in a muted yet warm color. A mid or deep brown is one of the best shades to go for, something that is both comfortable and classic.

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Leather sofas can be more durable than fabric sofas but they can also be cold, contesting with the overall look you are trying to achieve. If you do go for a leather sofa, make sure you invest in a few throws to make it look more homely and welcoming.

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Sleek, flat-packed furniture that fills budget furniture stores may be perfect for creating a modern look on a budget, but it will fail to create a homely feel. Instead, you should ditch the MDF and go for solid, wooden furniture for your coffee tables, sideboards and TV stands.

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Painted walls are a no-no when it comes to creating the cottage look as they will leave the room looking bare. Wallpaper is the best option, so go for an understated design that will not overpower the room. A floral or leafy print will help to bring the outside in – a defining feature of the cottage look.

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The thing we love about cottages is that there are lots of interesting things to look at. You should place a few framed photos, art and wall hangings around the room to really bring the space to life. A great design feature is to group your artwork together, such as the examples below.

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Don’t forget to dress up your space with some window treatments!

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