Imposing modern home with volumes in Brazil

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The imposing set of cubic volumes overlapping each other creates a striking modern dwellings in the Brazilian town of Londrina. This three level house has been designed by Studio Guilherme Torres for a young couple, in which the architect has dispensed traditional partitions and spaces. The 4,413 square foot (410 square meters) project had to adhere to the conditions of the site, located on a plateau high in the highest point of the land. They designed a large perimeter wall with white plaster that surrounds the entire main floor and delimits the set, in addition to providing privacy. The upper volume is an encased large box of concrete, coated in large part with wood of cumaru, which cantilevers over the street leaving an area shaped trapezoidal and flat where the garden and the swimming pool are located.

The main door leads guests to skirt the pool to enter directly – through giant windows pivoting – a generous central open double height space from which communicates throughout the house. This environment is monopolized by the living area, working as a liaison between the inside and outside, and serves as a connection with the kitchen and dining room. Cleverly located stairs lead to the upper floor, where the bedroom is separated from the central area through glass walls and only the bathroom is protected.

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A single room divider rises in the ample space and has been decorated with a fun PAC-man game vinyl.

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The kitchen and dining room are integrated into the same space. The back wall has been designed as a niche with racks stuffed into the wall to act as storage. The same color is repeated, just like the furniture, in order to achieve the desired camouflage effect.

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The bathroom is located next to the entrance to the top floor, as a continuation of the staircase. Against the warmth of the cumaru wood floor is the basin designed in Carrara marble. Opposite, the spaces that host the shower and toilets have been closed with translucent glass doors.

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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