Stylish and eco-friendly Riverhouse Apartment

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The Riverhouse apartment embodies the idea of luxury and eco-friendly living in New York City designed by Thom Filicia. The LEED certified Riverhouse is a luxury high-rise that overlooks Battery Park and probably one of New York City’s “greenest” buildings. The condo is comprised of 2,500 square feet of living space with three bedrooms  and two bathrooms. The entire apartment was conceptualized for empty-nesters and designed using environmentally friendly, sustainable materials such as natural fiber fabrics, FSC-certified woods, low-voc paints and wall paper glues, recycled objects and of course, antiques. Filicia designed the space to be beautiful and livable, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style to design green.

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In  the living room above, the rug is made from vintage kilm runners and cut up felt. The green glass lamp is made from recycled wine bottles and the telescope in the corner is vintage.

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The apartment features a fairly neutral color palette infused with organic earth tones and rich, natural textures such as the biodegradeable grasscloth wallpaper that you see throughout the space. There are a few bright spots though, such as the yellow sofa pictured here. The dining table features a paperstone tabletop and a FSC certified wood base wrapped in recycled zinc panels. The chandelier above is made from recycled jet airplane parts and the floor lamp is made from recycled plumbing parts.

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The guest room walls are covered in wood pulp wallpaper with eco-friendly metallic detail. The bedside tables are made from old sewing machine stands, the lamp base is unglazed ceramic and all of the bedding is eco-friendly.

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The orange bedside tables are linen sealed with a water-based lacquer. The table lamp was made from old ship’s chain. The sheets are made of naturally sustainable bamboo and even the Ecobamboo mattress, made by Magniflex, are environmentally friendly.

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Many of the furnishings in the apartment were custom, such as this sectional sofa in the library which has a FSC certified birch plywood frame and cushions made of organic latex. The coffee table on the left is made from recycled aluminum.

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Photos: Courtesy of Thom Filicia

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