Rustic boutique hotel in Uruguay: Casa Zinc

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Casa Zinc has been designed by Antique dealer Aaron Hojman, nestled on Uruguay’s coastal village of La Barra, which is at the head of stretches of golden beaches and low headlands. The six-room, two-storey hotel is a “posada bohemia” with five-meters high factory gates and a facade clad in vintage railway bricks, reclaimed windows and corrugated zinc siding. Like staying at a private home of someone with exquisite design taste, Casa Zinc has a welcoming, lived-in ambiance with its shabby-chic interiors and eclectic mix of vintage furniture.

Hojman has designed the interiors with bookshelves stacked with apothecary jars, valve radios and soda bottles, framed windows with wood lifted from a long-shuttered Montevideo railway station, and scattered distressed leather-and-wood sofas in the dining room and sitting room. The bedrooms have been named for the objects that lay within, Esudio Arquitecto, Estudio Diseno, Mirador, Back to School, Biblioteca and Patio. Hojman has a penchant for the unadorned and untreated, so prevalent that mortise joints still bear the carpenter’s penciled notations. Bathrooms offers porcelain sinks, long-levered taps and free-standing tubs that give the austerity of a glammed-up hospice.

To stay at Casa Zinc, rates range from $140 – $740, from here.

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10 years ago

Feels industrial from the outside. But the interior is warm, vintage… must feel relaxing.