Apart-Hotel: The Bates Motel Suite in Barcelona

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The Bates Motel Suite designed by Egue and Seta offers the possibility of entertaining, working, eating, toileting and sleep, characteristics of an “apart-hotel” from a single piece of multifunctional furniture around which are distributed radially, stays free and differentiated by decorative elements that recreate the iconic stills from the films of Hitchcock. Here, Norman Bates peeks through a tiny hole, prying L.B. Jeffries has two windows, and “The Birds” encourage better memories “suspense” of the “50s”. The Bates Motel Suite, like Hitchcock, proposes anticipation: A series of rooms that follow a narrative leaving notice at any time what is the other way or about to occur.

The apartment is comprised of only 376 square feet (35 square meters) of open space, clean and very easy circulation, designed from a central cabinet that serves as a distributor and container space to “hide” the different needs depending on the area where you are. Microwave and cabinet maker in the kitchen, mirror and towel in the bathroom shelf in the living room / rest / reading and wardrobe in the bedroom, with a common denominator in all the plants found in the pots on top of the cabinet.

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Embracing the same concept, the designers have an additional element that strengthens as described above, a bar / counter which runs through the living areas making its way back across the back of the sofa for use to eat and work, continuing its way into the kitchen area where the designers have integrated a sink and ends in the bathroom where the sink is also integrated.

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The designers came up with the concept of a “wafer” center on the floor with the concrete perimeter and in the middle of it a “carpet” leading hydraulic tile in all areas of space. The apartment is light in space with huge windows overlooking the Gran Via and for the night, careful lighting has been selected in the areas of “work” and indirectly in the rest areas.

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Photos: Courtesy of Egue and Seta

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