Seven secrets for more storage in your home

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You may find yourself tearing out your hair over the vast amount of stuff you’ve accumulated in your home. Perhaps there’s no more room for wardrobes, and the garage and attic are completely crammed. So what do you do?

An obvious answer would be to do some much-needed spring-cleaning and get rid of a lot of your unnecessary junk. However, if you’ve already done this and you’re still suffering from a cluttered home, there are some easy secret fixes you can employ to store away your stuff.

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Replace your wardrobes

Perhaps it’s time for you to do away with your old wardrobes and replace them with ones that are better designed, for maximum utilization of the space you have. Wardrobes that have doors that open outwards aren’t really the best for utilizing space. Sliding wardrobes, on the other hand, work pretty well in terms of not using up too much space.

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You may think that storage in your attic is troublesome, because of the hassle of getting up there to retrieve whatever it is you need, but the trick is to prioritize what you place up there; you need to stack and store all the things you want to keep, but rarely have use for, like your old university notes, old photo albums, textbooks you no longer use and so on.

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 Boxes under the beds

If there’s empty room under the beds, you need to use it. Get the kids to stack all of their books and toys neatly into storage boxes, which they can then access easily from under their beds. You can store your old books and other files and folders in the same way.

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Use the hallway as best as you can

This may seem antithetical to you – storing things in the hallway doesn’t sound like it’ll help de-clutter your house. However, if you do it right, it can work wonders. Put up a shelf that will hold all the things you immediately discard when you walk through the door, such as your keys, your wallet and your gloves, for instance.

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 Reconstruct your utility room

You need to make the most of extra space in your house. If you have a utility room, where your washing machine is, store more things in there, like spare bits of MDF work surface which can double up as a table as well as an ironing board.

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Re-assess your kitchen

Kitchens need to be well organized – you don’t want to be running around looking for the turmeric when your dinner guests are grumbling away in your dining room. Throw away extra bottles of spices and consolidate them into larger storage jars.

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 Small bathrooms aren’t a problem

A cramped bathroom can be easily improved by attaching hanging shelves in there, as well as opting for creative, quirky ways of storing your toiletries.

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