Bent + Sliced Residence in Missouri by Hufft Projects

BentSliced House-01-1 Kindesign

This is the second take on the originally proposed ‘Bent House’, which was canceled after a design board did not approve the modern style in a conservative neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. So the architects, Hufft Projects, decided to take it one step further and now it is the ‘bent and sliced house’. The bend is from the original design (The Bent House), and is a gesture to the curved slope of the site. This curve, coincidentally, is almost the same of the previous design’s site, and thus could be re-utilized. Similar to Japanese Oragami, this 4,197 square foot (390 square meters) house unfolds like a piece of slice paper from the sloped site. The negative space between the slices creates wonderful clerestories for natural light and ventilation.

BentSliced House-02-1 Kindesign

The Bent and Sliced House also incorporates a number of sustainable features. These include geothermal heat pumps, a vegetated roof in combination with highly reflective and recycled roof membranes, local and recycled materials inside and out, low VOC paints, a cistern to supply all water required for irrigation, and ample daylighting which eliminates the need for artificial light during the day.

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The house’s exterior and interior is also marked by the iconic and sensitive use of Western Red Cedar. It wraps the surfaces of walls, encases bathroom furnishings, and turns from the surface of a wall to form a ceiling. The material’s versatility is exhibited to the fullest. Different finishes allow for subtle but noticeable color variations giving the Bent and Sliced House its characteristic signature aesthetic.

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Photos: Mike Sinclair

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