Trees interacting with living space in Chilean home

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This Chilean home is that of architect Carolina Katz, her husband and four children, where trees are a part of the home’s original design that was constructed 27 years ago by well-known architect Fernando Castillo Velasco. The interior courtyard features four ficus trees and one almond tree, which is part of what drew Katz to this beautiful home; along with the high ceilings, simple floor plan and a fabulous location in Santiago’s Vitacura neighborhood. The 2,475 square foot (230 square meters) home did need some interior renovations, Katz made sure to retain the architectural history and embrace its quirks, which includes the ficus trees. This interior patio was once the home’s dining room, but since the large space is in the center of the house, Katz turned it into a central hangout spot.

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A chandelier hangs amidst a grove of ficus trees.

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Katz and her husband have a love of contemporary art, rotating their collection and personal work around the house.

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A portable fireplace adds a cozy element to the high ceilings in the interior patio.

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Several main windows were opened and widened during renovation.

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Katz loves modern furniture, especially Scandinavian pieces, and warms up their simple lines with hand-crafted Chilean pottery and rugs. The elegant coffee table is one of Katz’s designs.

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Bright white modern shelving and cabinetry contrast against the home’s original brick walls in the office.

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A colorful rug hand-crafted in Chile and bold red chairs reflect Katz’s signature contemporary style in an adjacent family room.

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The kitchen has been completely renovated, except the brick walls, which have been preserved to keep the home’s identity and unity. Ceramic floor tile, updated appliances and custom-designed cabinetry transformed it into a functional space. The kitchen dining table is partially hidden in one of the shelves and pulls out when needed.

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The dining room was originally where the kitchen was.

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The racquets above her son’s bed were Katz’s husband’s tennis and squash racquets from the late ’70s. The golf clubs were Katz’s father’s.

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A small patio sits just outside the home office, it has been redesigned as an easy-to-access home garden. Old CD shelves hold pots of herbs and other plantings.

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The square-shape patio is almost 250 square feet. The patio space was not being utilized so instead the family decided to turn it into a garden, planting lemon, orange and tangerine trees, as well as lettuces, tomatoes, spinach and herbs.

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Photos: Courtesy of Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez

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11 years ago

Awesome. Even without all the indoor trees. The warm red brick, the box beams on the ceilings, the wood paneling in the bedroom. But the indoor trees put it in a class all of its own. Wonderful rare home.