Charming tiny bungalow house overlooking Puget Sound

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The Bayside Bungalow is a cozy micro-cabin located in Olympia, Washington overlooking the Puget Sound. This tiny house was built on an 18 foot flatbed trailer based on a slightly modified Tumbleweed Fencl plan. The interior has 100 square feet of space on the main floor with an additional 60 square foot loft. The sleeping loft, accessed by a ladder, is above the kitchen, closet and bathroom, which has a small shower. Two skylights and 11 windows allow plenty of natural light into the house. A window seat is built in for cozying up with a blanket and good book while watching birds play in the garden. A stainless steel fireplace warms the house. The cathedral ceiling makes the tiny home feel quite spacious. A tiny 2’ x 2’ porch faces the Puget Sound, covering the entrance to a beautiful, cedar door.

If you want to experience this tiny house for yourself, prices range from $65 – $95/night, or $395 – $495 weekly, from here.

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Photos: The Bayside Bungalow

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Name Withheld
11 years ago

“Micro-trailer” should be the word for this tchotchke rental property. It would be one thing if the barefoot, makeup-less owner lived a Spartan existence inside this mobile shack. But it’s another thing to her to ask renters to pay $100/night to cram into that closet-on-wheels when they could get twice the space at the nearby La Quinta. Or would that be “environmentally unsustainable”?