Glamorous foursquare home with elegant touches

Glamorous Four-Square-01-1 Kind Design

Jessica Helgerson Interiors undertook a very extensive remodel of this turn of the century, Portland, Oregon foursquare. By gutting the small, dysfunctional kitchen and annexing space from an under-utilized back pantry and mudroom, a large and airy cooking and dining space was created. Elsewhere in the house elegant touches were introduced, such as box beams in the dining room; a fireplace mantel and built-in shelving in the living room; a wood ceiling and wainscoting in the upstairs bathroom; and a deep-cased opening, between the entry hall and the living room, which creates ledges for seating and plants.

Woodwork throughout the house was given a dark-ebony stain, which, though designed to look original, also adds an element of elegance and surprise. Eclectic in style, the home’s modern and ethnic furnishings are unified in color and scale. Many of the pieces were locally custom-made, including a sofa that nestles into the living room’s bay window; living-room chairs cozily upholstered in sheepskin; handcrafted wood dining-room benches and a dining-table top; and vibrant blown-glass sculptures by Portland artist Andy Paiko.

Glamorous Four-Square-02-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-03-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-04-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-05-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-06-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-07-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-08-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-09-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-10-1 Kind Design

Glamorous Four-Square-11-1 Kind Design

Photos: Lincoln Barbour

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Kathy Seifath
11 years ago

I was wondering where she got the “hanging” bronze wall sconce in the bathroom photo. I have been looking for that everywhere and can’t find it!! I found the faucet.