Luxury Chalet Norte nestled in the Swiss Alps

Chalet Norte-01-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte is an exceptional luxury ski chalet in Verbier, Swiss Alps, Switzerland. Though commanding uninterrupted, breathtaking views over the whole resort, the chalet is incredibly private and a real retreat. Norte is the epitome of elegance and opulence, carrying a regal feel and style up its spiraling staircase from the entrance, all the way up to the beautiful living room. Perfectly placed halfway up the property is the vast wellness area, housing an inviting pool. Not many chalets provide a pool with a view, but floor to ceiling windows at Chalet Norte allow one to feel perched on the mountains edge.

Found throughout the property are numerous works of art, which decorate this incredible chalet to the highest degree. Its luxurious decor and furnishings come courtesy of one of London’s leading interior designers, and floor to ceiling windows provide a constant reminder of the beauty of your surroundings. The chalet staff complete the experience with exceptional service matched only by a 5 star hotel and a traditional twist, not commonly found elsewhere.

Chalet Norte has yet more to offer with a beautiful private cinema, perfect for those winter nights and a wine cave which houses top quality wines to suit all tastes, complete with a peephole window to the depths of the pool. Quite simply, the chalet has everything. Completion was only in 2011, so this truly is a new chalet but with a commanding presence one would expect from a chalet which has seen many a guest come and go.

Chalet Norte-02-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-03-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-04-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-05-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-06-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-07-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-08-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-09-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-10-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-11-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-12-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-13-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-14-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-15-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-16-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-17-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-18-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-19-1 Kind Design

Chalet Norte-20-1 Kind Design

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