Modern penthouse makes ultimate city escape

Designed by Turett Collaborative Architects for a single owner, this 2,400 square foot triplex apartment in a new condominium development on the Upper East Side, New York is full of air and light. Working closely with the building architects, TCA has designed a soaring, dramatic space with double-height entry foyer and a large living room with a custom fire trough that runs along the length of the space. A unique feature of the condominium is the two-story Vals quartzite stone wall that runs along the west side of the apartment, with stones that were handpicked by the owner and architect from a remote Swiss quarry. Cantilevered built-in shelves create a table and night stand, while niches in the stone wall are reserved for the client’s various toiletries.

Other striking features of this incredible penthouse are the stairs, made of black oxidized steel, which tie the three levels of the home together. Near the top, the steps lead to a “bridge” suspended over three stories, providing a dramatic view of the space. A clear glass box containing a full bathroom resides between the master bedroom and the study on the second level; when privacy is required, an inner layer of the glass can be activated to turn the walls opaque. On the third level, a lounge looks out onto an idyllic landscaped roof terrace and sun-deck; the ultimate escape from the city.

Stair tread detail. They cast warm, orange-tinted shadows through the halls.

A detail of the faucets in the trough sink.

Photos: Travis Dubreuil

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