Gothenburg villa gets a magnificent transformation

This stunning Gothenburg, Sweden early 20th century villa, spotted on Hus & Hem, has been rescued from dilapidation by interior designer and owner Wictoria Ostrelius. When the old home was for sale she fell in love with her vision of the potential that the home had. After four years of renovating the 180 cubic meters of scrap and garbage, the plaster was switched to a wooden fascia and virtually all indoor spaces were rehabilitated. Before the home was restored, the plaster had long fallen from the facade, some windows were broken and it was only a matter of time before the roof would start to leak. Behind all this, Wictoria saw the beauty she wanted to recover.

Wictoria worked with her husband on the home, who both put their entire relationship at stake by investing everything on Wictoria’s dream. In the middle of the entire venture their son was born, a second addition to their family. The house made the family learn to live together and during the worst period of the renovation, the job welded the family together. Wictoria’s husband became the leader of 35 artisans who came and went during the first two years of intensive renovation. There was no moisture, mildew or rot, so the core remained intact. The home received a new tin roof and new windows similar to that of the old ones.

Spaces were gutted, sewage pipes and water pipes replaced and the floor was opened up to create an open plan environment. Three bedrooms, a new bathroom, walk-in closet, and a room with a bed loft on top of one bedroom was created. Wictoria referred to design magazines for inspiration, with much of the home was purchased on online auctions. The home received new life with patterned fabrics and a fresh coat of white paint, bringing serenity and breathing space. With a passion for old things with a story, the century-old house became a regeneration process and now breathes new life.

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