Cozy mountain refuge in the village of Madremanya

This beautiful rustic home, spotted on Mi Casa, is part of a Manor House from the 14th century, situated within the historic center of the village of Madremanya, in Girona, Spain. Their owners reformed it into Can Bassa, a charming rural vacation accommodation divided into five apartments. To preserve its rural essence, rehabilitation involved preserving the original stone walls from the interior and exterior facade, although some were demolished to extend the dining room and the living area, and others were painted to gain clarity. Other elements were very deteriorated and replaced by materials of demolition from other country houses in the area.

All the ceilings and floors were reinforced and its structure is thermally insulated for optimum comfort in the interior. The ceiling beams were restored to their natural finish, after sanding them and treating them, the rooms became welcoming environments. All of them emphasize the simplicity of rustic and the merger between furniture and upholstery of light and toasted tones with the tile floor, the walls and the beams. All this made up a serene and evocative, scenario in harmony with its surroundings.

To enjoy more of this landscape and feel the presence of the nearby Les Gavarres Mountains, the owners decided to locate the hallway on the second floor of the house that leads to a terrace with great views. There is an abandoned loft located on the top floor, accessed through a trap door and a staircase. A bedroom with two beds was placed in this location and a staircase was built to make access more convenient. This new environment is certainly very special since it seems to keep the stone walls and the wooden ceiling and beams, transformed into a cozy, warm mountain refuge.

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11 years ago

Wow. Nice stuff. Well done.