Praia do Felix Beach House in the Brazilian forest

Since this projects initial conception Praia do Felix Beach House was treated as a “case” to be deployed in areas of high conservation restriction on the slope of the Serra do Mar, Praia do Felix, Brazil. Designed by architecture firm Vidal & Sant’Anna, maximum environmental conditions were preserved utilizing the principle of total mimicry with nature not to be perceived externally.

The project opts for circulations made by external stairs and separates the social and service, located across the slope from intimate area located along the slope below the ground. Very light, the residence, made of certified wood and glass, explores small and minimal rooms to meet the programmatic needs without losing the sense of sustainability.

With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, family and living room, guest bathroom, kitchen, service area and spacious terrace, the house with 1,668 square feet (155 square meters) of built area, is deployed against the contour preserving characteristics of soil and original ground vegetation. With cross ventilation and air chambers on the roofs / decks, environmental comfort is guaranteed without the need for equipment for temperature equilibrium. The rigidity in the form of execution of the work secured the commitment made by the owners in the conservation and preservation of the area. Today the house is prominent among the inhabitants of Praia do Felix although not noticed in the dense forest location.

Praia do Felix-19-1 Kind Design

Praia do Felix Beach House-1 Kindesign

Photos: Fran Parente

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