Stunning renovation in Melbourne: Cubby House

Cubby House has been designed by Melbourne based studio Edwards Moore, who have cleverly renovated and extended an existing apartment in Fitzroy, Australia which overlooks a public swimming pool. The project focuses on the concept of continuous living space, filled with reclaimed materials, transformed spaces that define multiple functions, and has reflective views that increase natural lighting. The architects maximized the floor space of the first floor and provided an additional floor to house a bedroom and bathroom.

The interior features white concrete flooring and a neutral palette with occasional pops of saturated color from natural wood sources. The original ceiling was raised on the lower level to allow room for an elevation kitchen platform, which is the first step for the staircase. The entrance is encased inside a gold box, which also serves as storage for wine bottles and acts as a privacy screen for the powder room. The wall adjacent to the entry is covered completely by a built-in bookcase that extends along the length of the whole wall from floor to ceiling.

The upper level addition is constructed of steelwork that is left partly exposed on the ceiling of the double-height space. The top floor is filled with light from the skylights above and from the windows overlooking the pool outside. Once arriving from the stairs, the bedroom wardrobe creates a corridor walkway to the bathroom. Glazed panels in the bathroom reflect the natural light coming from the circular skylight for a heightened natural light experience. The bedroom wardrobe is wrapped in OSB panels with a gold reflective front that can rotate to create a new small study or guest bedroom space. There is also an outdoor terrace on the upper level, intimately connected to the bedroom space and is designed to enhance natural ventilation throughout the house.

Photos: Peter Bennetts

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