Striking multi-level modern dwelling in Sao Paulo

The architectural design of the Mirante do Horto House, situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, came from a desire to maximize the use of the site while ensuring that all programmatic needs were met. The residence was designed by architecture studio Flavio Castro, in which three small boxes were created on top of each other with an overall living space of 3,229 square feet (300 square meters). All interior spaces in the voluminous structure needed to enjoy flexibility while at the same time having a wide visual range.

According to the architects, “Connecting the house from top to bottom, the right wall next to the staircase inside the house offers vertical connections to the exchange of fluids between the four height levels, while providing space for a different event in each.” There is a garage/utility floor, four feet below street level, the main level with a kitchen, dining, living room with a large aquarium and home theater, the upper level features the bedrooms, studio and office and a stairway leads up to a rooftop terrace offering spectacular city views and a garden that contributes sustainability to the home and helps cool the area below.

Photos: Nelson Kon

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