Spectacular voluminous dwelling in Guadalajara

An exclusive residential development in Guadalajara, Mexico has been designed by studio Agraz Arquitectos to meet the needs of a single occupant. The voluminous home of 5,543 square feet (515 square meters) stands out against the background of the site, with its edges almost disappearing into the surrounding landscape. Casa I is a unique dwelling with a minimal expression, with its endless interior spaces articulated and projected towards a large courtyard with a swimming pool and a wooden terrace creating a single large space.

Scale plays an important role in the spatial sequence in order to link the main scheme in intimate relation with the patio. Therefore, walls have been reduced to a minimum and have been converted into a sort of casing element that also enhances the relationship between what occupies space in its most basic form, and that which divides it.

The double height hall is the main bond of the spatial elements as well, flooding light into the space. A simple and clear architecture that offers an easy reading of itself and the project, as a never-ending sequence of balanced elements held within. As a result occurs an observation of the work with its surroundings, where light is the essence and main protagonist of a new and interesting way of life, highlighted by the sensations of warmth, comfort and luxury.

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