Sumptuous contemporary residence in Greece

The luxurious H.2. Residence is a striking home located in a residential suburb of Athens, Greece, designed by architecture firm 314 Architecture Studio. The building is situated in the area of Golf in Glyfada, consisting of three residential areas. Each residence has two smaller bedrooms and one master suite.

Here is a description of the project from the architects, “outside there is an atrium that provides light to secondary areas of the house while working as a funnel exit of hot air for reduced energy consumption air-conditioning during the summer months. The bioclimatic design and the positioning of the building with fixed louvers and the design of their exposures save natural heating energy while the connection between building and water creates a natural cooling. The houses are equipped with the latest technology of under floor heating systems and VR air-conditioning friendly to the environment. The materials used in the flooring and walls are all natural rather than industrial.

The interior design utilizes colors and materials to create a sense of harmony, modernity and at the same time luxury while the sculptures of Gianni Aspra dominate the walls of living rooms creating emotions and abstract mood. Finally the roof gardens with glass stairwells offer unlimited view of Argosaronic.”

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