Mediterranean home on the bluffs of a pine forest

Nestled high on the bluffs surrounded by a pine forest facing seawards on the beautiful island of Majorca, is this picturesque home spotted on Nuevo Estilo that denotes a great aesthetic sensitivity. At first glance, the greatest virtue of this house lies outside, with wonderful views to the uninhabited island of Dragonera, towards which focuses all the rooms of the building. The simplicity of the interior design by designer and owner Elena López Fonta respects the environment and blends indoors and outdoors with efficiency and style. Cement flooring is used both indoors and outdoors, providing a homogenous character of spaces.

The house is oriented westward, to contemplate the sunsets through large windows. As the designer explained, “we wanted light and air to circulate freely, so the spaces are wide open with high ceilings.” The interiors were designed with a fresh approach, comfortable and spacious in soft shades, using natural colors with hints of blue light. Tones and materials show great respect for the environment by repeating the chromatic model inspired by the landscape, the sky, the sea and the Mediterranean light that penetrates through the windows and floods every corner, enhancing every detail. Metal elements such as iron rails, stairways or doors to the kitchen in steel cutting and stainless steel fixtures are infused into spaces.

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