Fabulous tropical retreat in Mykonos

San Giorgio hotel is located in Mykonos, Greece, designed to encourage interaction and yet giving those who are looking for a more private atmosphere the refuge to relax and recreate. Melding the carefree finesse of the ’60s bohemian life with a down- to-earth “gypset” approach, everything is about ease and enjoyment. All 34 rooms, including 2 generous suites are located within the open space property, featuring the characteristic Mykonos Architecture of picturesque white-washed buildings. The organic forms and simple design reflect a sense of history, heritage, style and simplicity. All rooms are equally equipped with a shower and modern bathroom.

Outside there’s an expansive pool and open air lounge where to mingle with guests or chill out. The cantina restaurant + bar has a similar cool decorum, featuring long rough-hewn tables that invite up to 10 people to mingle over an authentic home-style feast, and allowing them to peek into the open kitchen. The menu boasts honest Mediterranean dishes with a twist and made from fresh market ingredients. The bar section has a vibe all its own. The white-washed walls and furniture form a beautiful backdrop for the colorful, sink-in cushions and exotic lanterns. Sunbeds are spaced out over the expansive deck and create plenty of private sanctuaries as well.

Rates to stay at this incredible Mykonos retreat runs from $190 – $2260 per night from here.

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