Beautiful rustic lakeside home in Italy

This beautiful rustic countryside family home in Italy is owned by a woman named Hanne who lives there with her two teenage sons and her partner Rafaelle. Hanne was originally from Norway, and then moved around to various places before making her way to Italy. She purchased a rundown home in the outskirts of Rome and had it rebuilt. Hanne explains, “When we found this place, it was basically just a roof and walls. No one else would buy it because it was so run-down and in the middle of nowhere. I saw the potential though – for me, the uglier the house, the bigger the challenge. It took a year to do all the work and it was very hard. There were no trees here, and the house didn’t even have water or electricity.” It is now the home of her dreams and a place where she can have lots of house guests because it has been built spaciously enough for entertaining. Via

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