Monolithic apartment building with post-graffiti art

This fabulous Apartment Building in Luxembourg has been designed by studio Metaform Architects, who are based out of Luxembourg City. The super unique structure is comprised of 3,982 square feet (370 square meters) with three levels of residential housing that features some very impressive details. The monolithic aspect of the building stands out amongst its neighboring buildings by its form as well as by the materials used. In this construction the use of a unique material, black shiny extruded metal, gives it its monolithic and sculptural character.

Here is a description of the project from the architects: Within the framework of our project, architecture and art are found side by side, are entangled, extend and complete each other in order to create a common language, a synergy which creates an intriguing, vivid and dynamic, yet at the same time intimate, welcoming and friendly ensemble. The reflection on the relation between art and architecture is part of the concept created with the involvement of the Luxembourgish artist SUMO. It is a response linked to the evolution of the urban landscape because the era of the “post-graffiti”, even if many refuse to admit, has become an integral part of the city. Sumo voluntarily covered the space from the ground to the ceiling with his artwork in such a way that his art, which one can consider being “post-graffiti”, is subtly integrated in the built space.

There are four differently sized and individual apartments, with the ground floor being used for garages. The first floor is comprised of a two bedroom, 861 square foot (80 square meters) apartment designed for a family of three. The second floor consists of two studios, comprised of approximately 500 square feet (47 and 48 square meters). The third level offers a duplex apartment comprised of 1,237 square feet (115 square meters) with a sturdy all-glass ceiling to allow natural light to penetrate the north-oriented kitchen and dining room.

Photos: Steve Troes Fotodesign

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