A super chic transformation in Barcelona

The transformation of spaces altered the original spirit of this chic house we found on Mi Casa that is located in Barcelona, Spain. With the removal of virtually all of its partitions by architect Ivana Tuneu of Lizarriturry Tuneu architecture, the original elements of the dwelling were preserved. The home was refurbished to adapt to its new owners, a young couple who wished to live and work in their home. There were three wishes that were requested for the new design, flooding the new environments with natural light, total communication of spaces and the creation of a clear room, of great dimensions, were the owner developed daily his artistic creativity. From there, the communication flowed to create an organization of spaces with a striking decorative mix where each element is a new location as something natural. Warmth and a feeling of home were basic premises to reflect this new reign of retro fabrics, in sweet combination with natural wood or design tables. The preservation of the ancient gallery located next to the kitchen, has been converted into a bright working area, only white curtains are independent from the interior as a separator element that does not affect the flow of light or heat. Via

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