Villa Snow White along the Espoo coast

Today we bring to you this fabulous property called Villa Snow White, designed by Helin & Co Architects, this home is located along the Espoo coast of Finland. Situated on the top of a hill, an old villa was cleared away to make room for this beautiful new home sited between old trees on the property. The openings of the interiors were planned by the location of these trees.

From the architects: “Woodnotes Design and the authentic minimalism of their products set the direction for the visual style of the building. It was the client’s wish that the building would display the same feel of authentic materials that is also found upon Ritva Puotila’s textile art. The building serves two functions: it works both as the client’s family home and as a showroom for Woodnotes. The main entrance locates through a closed outdoor atrium, facing the West towards the evening sun. The atrium can also be entered from the kitchen and via a bridge and a staircase from the sauna. The spaces live with the Northern light and adapt the white surfaces to the scenery in which it locates all the way to the distant horizon of the sea. The concrete structure of the building was casted on the location over steel pilars and cladded with snow white plastered tiles. The surfaces of the interiors are light and the floors are mostly solid oak and limestone.”

Visit the website of Helin & Co Architects here.

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