Beautiful country estate in Spain

Nestled in a privileged environment in the province of Cáceres, Spain the aim of Madrid-based firm Abaton Architects was to transform an abandoned stable into a family home through a comprehensive rehabilitation, with respect to the surrounding environment. The architecture firm solved the problems resulting from lack of supplies of electricity and running water through the systems of sustainability. The 3,465 square foot (322 square meters) home was designed with a system of solar panels with accumulators that allow the power supply in summer; settled turbines that exploit the channel of two streams that pass through the estate and that feed electricity to accumulators in winter.

Water can be observed through elements throughout the interior of the property as it flows naturally. The stone found in the surrounding area was used to build the house and the swimming pool. The supporting walls in the interior were replaced by light metal pillars, the haylofts in the upper area were converted into bedrooms, the water through became the fountain that is situated in the interior courtyard of the property and the enormous central lounge that serves different purposes took up the remaining area.

Take a look at the images of the beautiful Extremadura Estate and let us know what you think of this energy efficient home. Visit the website of architecture firm Abaton here.

Photos: Courtesy of Abaton

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