An incredibly fascinating New York loft

This outrageous loft in New York City is owned by none other than the wizard of leather, Mitch Alfus, owner of Libra Leather established in 1977. He is the most important supplier of leather for American Icons of the fashion world. His company is the largest leather fashion house in NYC, providing skins for furniture, handbags, clothes and accessories. The home is an eclectic mix of art and collections picked up from travels, animal skins strewn out on the floors, gorgeous Turkish rugs, and original vintage metal aircraft government cases as seating around his enormous dining table, candle nests that would take 5 minutes to light, and a collection of baby fur vests from his own line. A museum of inspiration, it is one of those spaces where every time you enter you may discover some new artifacts. Via

Visit the website of Libra Leather here.

Photos: Patricia Thompson of The Rio

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frederick joswick
6 years ago

nothing but CLUTTER