Amazing transformation of a Sao Paulo apartment

The Panamby Apartment, designed by Guto Requena displays a stunning remodel in a neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The project aims to resize the spaces and make the floor plan flexible, amplifying and optimizing the collective use area. All the four original bedrooms were torn down to create space for two spacious bedroom suites. Besides having the living room amplified which, after being remodeled, could be integrated to the kitchen and office, through sliding doors. Coverings were replaced, customizing the space and bringing identity to it. Sliding dividers enable a constant space reconfiguration. The master bedroom occupies the space of two original rooms and constitutes a large leisure area which enables the bathroom to open itself entirely to the bedroom, integrating the space as a whole. Dismantled wood, colorful carvings, different ambiances created by lights, and a vibrant chromatic scheme transform a regular apartment into a magnificent contemporary home. Take a look at the photos of this amazing transformation and let us know what you think!

Photos: Marcelo Magnani

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12 years ago

Ma ra vi lhoooooo so!!!!!