Unique TriBeCa loft with stylish design

The TriBeCa Loft by Fearon Hay Architects is located in Manhattan, New York as a 5,920 square foot (550 square meters) loft conversion completed in 2009. Located in the historic Green Industrial Building in Tribeca, it offers a bespoke and innovative response to the challenges of residing in Manhattan. The existing 3.6 meters high space is defined by the exposed reinforced concrete frame and the large multi-paned windows offering panoramic views of the skyline on three sides.

From the architects: “The insertion of steel framed, glazed volumes with raised timber floors provides elevated sleeping platforms within the loft space. The glazed volumes are accompanied by blank, white, volumes containing bathing, service and scullery functions. These service components are arranged in a linear sequence in the center of the space. Both of these insertions are carefully placed amongst the existing structural elements of columns, beams and corbels, freeing the structure and the perimeter of the loft from division. Further layering and configuration of the space is offered by layers of operable fabric screens and sliding panels. The various areas of the residence may be separated from one another or connected to each other as desired.

Collaborating with artisans of both New Zealand and New York has enabled the creation of custom fittings such as blown glass pendant lights, treated steel and freestanding stone washbasins and bath, resulting in a highly crafted and bespoke construction.”

Visit the website of Fearon Hay Architects here.

Photos: Richard Powers

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