Bold and colorful design with shipping containers

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of Studio mk27 has received the world’s best shopping building award from the World Architecture Festival for ‘Decameron’, a retail store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The economic solution to a rented site and limited budget, the displays of this shop are placed within two rows of stacked shipping containers which are oriented perpendicular to the main street. The bold and vibrant colors painted on the external surfaces are revealed when a series of large and translucent sliding doors of the metal warehouse structure are unfolded during the store’s hours of operation.

Products are lined along the walls of the narrow hallways, limited by the inherent dimensions of the container units. An arrangement of furniture within the adjoining clear span structure allows visitors to experience the products of the company. Near the rear of the plot, a courtyard garden with planted palm trees and pebble ground cover creates a serene atmosphere to buffer the offices from the common areas. Bound with a glass wall, designers may overlook the activity within the store. At night, the polycarbonate panels glow from the interior showing shadows of people moving within the 2,690 square foot (250 square meters) showroom. Via

Visit the website of Studio mk27 here.

Photos: Pedro Vannucchi

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