A gorgeous Mediterranean dwelling

Sharon Neuman Architects located in Rishpon and Caesarea, Israel, has designed ‘House E’ according to the Mediterranean climate and the nuances of the indoor and outdoor Israeli culture. Built on a long and narrow sloped lot, the clients desired a home that was intimate, spacious and organized. Using the existing site to generate the proportions and needs of a growing family, two types of zones were created: a longitudinal axis for intimate spaces and central areas that encourage familial and communal activities.

The design of an adjacent patio that connects into the open and principal family room creates spaces for informal gatherings, while the long corridor provides personal access to the upper bedrooms. The hallway is defined with skylights which are carved along the perimeter to allow for air flow and natural light to flood the walls. These subtle recesses continue throughout the design seen in the built-ins and display niches that create new volumes for storage.

Taking into consideration the vernacular materials of the region, concrete has been used to highlight details in the home. These subtle interventions connect the exterior and interior environments where the material is polished in along the edges of the building and left raw inside to demonstrate versatility of the material. The colorful furniture against the monochromatic palette creates focal points in the interior decor. Via

Visit the website of Sharon Neuman Architects here.

Photos: Amit Gosher

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Stephanie @ Propert Gossip
12 years ago

What a beautiful home! I especially love the functionality of the garden space. Party guests will have no problem finding a seat to call their own… but I’ve got dibs on the swinging seat hammock :)