The Space Cabine in Belgium

This small and futurist looking abode was designed for the sole purpose of temporary housing since the owners could not afford the budget to renovate their entire house in the city center of Ghent, Belgium. The 409 square foot (38 square meters) space cabin has been crafted in James Bond style, fashionably equipped with everything one could need in a home all in a compact and neat design. With clean lines throughout, the walls are white shiny acrylic and skylights allow for natural light to penetrate the space. The fully functional home comes complete with a kitchen, breakfast bar for casual dining, living area, bathroom and an upstairs loft sleeping area with a small office accessed via a ladder. The result is so breathtaking that we wonder if they will ever get around to moving back into their original house? Via

Photos: Dujardin Filip

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12 years ago

Would not like to be sitting at the upper level desk and without thinking slide it a little to the left. These sort of ideas look great but they don’t meet normal safety standards!!!

Chris J
12 years ago

This is wonderful. Can you tell me who makes the ladder that leads up the loft? Thanks!