A cozy cabin hideaway in Norway

Dalene Cabin is a fabulous hideaway retreat situated at Østhusvik on the island Rennesøy in Norway. Designed by architect Tommie Wilhelmsen, the 1,291 square foot (120 square meters) cabin was completed in 2009. It is placed overlooking the sea surrounding the island and opens up its facade towards the south, to bring in as much light as possible. The interior and exterior is united through the folding doors which open up the facade. The exterior facade is composed of fir panels and the interior is oak on all surfaces and concrete on the back wall and the fireplace. The floors and terrace changes in level to give a more dynamic feeling inside and at the same time it helps to integrate the cabin into the landscape. Via

Visit the website of architect Tommie Wilhelmsen here.

Photos: Tommie Wilhelmsen

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