Modern Japanese House Design: Boukyo House

Designed by forward-thinking Nakayama Architects, the ultra modern Boukyo House located in Sapporo, Japan, makes an artful and efficient use of space. With the objective to make the most of every inch, the house architecture is a simple box, but that’s as far as simplicity goes in this elaborate design. From the weathered, rust-colored exterior to the artistic interiors, the home’s mature presence makes its way indoors through carefully contemplated finishes. Unassuming perforated walls cast a spectacular sun-lit pattern reminiscent of detailed delicate filigree work. Exposed beams stretch from wall to wall, while a wonderful staircase makes its way from level to level. This ambitious architecture aimed to create true privacy for residents, and as a result the architects planned the house so as to maximize the area between private and public living spaces. The result is a floor plan that puts the two bedrooms and bathroom on one level, and the living room, dining room, kitchen and workroom on another. Via

Visit the website of Nakayama Architects here.

The details and materials were spontaneously undertaken as the work progressed, constituting an essential element that gives this house its particular character. A light roof is supported on a pole made of unpainted steel and covered with lead on the interior and natural steel on the exterior.

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