Stunning Balinesian jungle house

A breathtaking 110-foot-long traditional dream house, built for John Hardy, a Canadian and a jewelry designer, and his American wife, Cynthia by Architect Cheong Yew Kuan. The home is nestled among among the rice paddies of the Ayung River valley, near Ubud, at the center of the Indonesian island of Bali. The home is situated among a vast expanse of coconut and frangipani trees, man-made and natural ponds and even vegetable gardens. Constructed entirely of tropical wood, including old ironwood electricity poles purchased from a government auction. The owners of this fantastic house met in Bali and eventually created a collection of silver jewelry, based on Balinese designs and jewelry-making techniques. Via

The decor is dominated by Javanese antiques and artifacts that the couple collected throughout the years, linked by a saffron and burgundy color scheme.

The upper part of the home has been raised on stilts 59 feet high in the air.

The main house was completed in 1997, in recent years this 46-foot by 34.5-foot kitchen was added to the home.

The formal living room is located in the upstairs area of the main house. The carpet on the wall has been placed strategically to conceal a flat-screen television.

This passageway runs along the side of the home to the master bedroom.

The master bedroom, just like all the other rooms in the home, is open to the elements.

The home’s rainforest shower with its copper walls has been custom-made, designed by Mr. Hardy.

The master bedroom features views to the swimming pool.

Over the course of time the Hardy’s purchased 11 small properties to create this expansive site.

Photos: Martin Westlake

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